About Us

I have been working in events for over 15 years and I still feel very lucky to work in a job that I love.  I am into the variety events bring, no 2 days ever being the same, I thrive on the challenge that they bring turning an idea into something real that other people can enjoy.

I have held lots of different positions throughout my career at various level of the spectrum and I have learnt everything I know from getting stuck in and often fixing my mistakes.

I know I am not perfect (who is) but recently I am struggling to understand how the new generation of event  managers seem to know everything I do and more after just a couple of years of organising events. I am in my 30’s so not exactly ready for retirement yet, but have missed something? Is there a special fast track society that no one informed me of, was I just a slow learner or has planning events just become easier with the advancement of technology?

Personally, I think things have changed and it seems that those new to the world of work do not want to do the hard graft anymore, learn from the ground up and gain the skills naturally over a period of time through experience.

With information now available 24/7 at the touch of a button, cheers Google (FYI I have lived without a smart phone and managed to pull off some awesome events) its more common now to head for a search engine before actually speaking to another human being and learning through doing and sometimes failing.  With this in mind I think there are few things that those of us that have actually run more than a handful  of events can share and if the only way to share it is through blogs or other online forums then I thought let’s give it a go.

In an attempt to help those who are new to events and actually willing to learn from those who have actually been there and done it, I thought I would blog about my experiences, best practice, big mistakes and general opinion on the events industry.

I am not perfect and certainly no industry leader, still constantly learning and developing my skills with new technologies s and techniques but I hope sharing what an everyday event planner does will help other people get the basics right on the same path to success delivering awesome events.

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