Where to start with your wedding plans? ♥

The ring is on the finger and the bubbly has popped, so now the planning begins. Where do you start to get the best day you can?

We would recommend that the newly engaged couple sit down with a pen and paper (old school i know) and start to make a few notes. Think about what you both want from the day and any ideas that you may have had. Lets be honest the majority of grooms wont have even thought about it so ladies this is a good time to get the day of your dreams. (Your groom to be will do anything for a quiet life in my experience).

Once you have your grand ideas down in black in white, the next big obstacle you need to consider is how on earth you are going to afford the 14 bridesmaids (you cant possibly leave anyone out, social media is not very forgiving) the biggest party band in the world (everyone needs a good band to show off their bad wedding dancing to) and the outfits of the century (cant be outdone when you are the bride or groom).

The average cost of a wedding today is around £25,000. Now don’t pass out, this is an AVERAGE cost and varies considerably depending on what you want. So this is why you need to consider what your budget is right at the start and where the money is coming from? If you are lucky enough to have wonderful parents/inlaws to be, that want to help you out and contribute to your big day, have these conversations early and that will help you in the planning process.

Know what your limit is a stick to it otherwise before you know it things can spiral out of control!!!!!!! Everything can add up very quickly so you need to be realistic about whats possible. This is supposed to be the greatest day of your life so try not to give yourself unrealistic expectations.Here are some planning tools that you can use to keep your wedding on track. Once your start going out and looking at different suppliers you can keep a check on how it is all looking. You never know you might be able to save some money on essential items leaving more wiggle room for the more extravagant touches. Shop around for the best price from good suppliers.  Do watch out and remember if a deal seems to good to be true it usually is!!!

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