Faulty’s Top 3 Trends for 2019

Its that time of year when everyone airs their predictions for the industry over the next 12 months. Although i do believe some are driven by professionals and what they are pushing for rather than trends created through the needs and wants of clients and delegates, but i still find them a good pointer for the year ahead.

So based on my experiences here my top 3 trend predictions for 2019.

#1 Alternative Venues

A new report from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA_55 Year report Final_Public ) showed that the size of meetings are getting smaller seeing a decline of 66% between 2013 and 2017 but the actual amount of events increasing. The report also showed that planners are moving away from covention centres and hotels with Universities rising in popularity.

The decrease in meeting sizes’ has opened the door for more alternative venues, giving planners the option of new, different spaces allowing for more creativity, enagement and networking, key objectives for many events. Alternative venue options is something clients have been requesting for years so i am not surprised by this trend. Read our post on using bars and restaurants for your next event.

#2 More simplifed agendas

Frequently i go to events and have to compromise on which presentations i go to. Too many good speakers on at the same time and too many streams running, it can become very frustrating for a delegate.
Moving to smaller events and venues means organisers have to create more tailored agendas. I like the idea of this trend, i am only able to attend a few events a year and i want to make the most of the ones i go to. I want to leave feeling satisfied at what i have heard rather than dissatisfied at the thought of what i have missed.

#3 More breakout sessions

Creating interactive sessions are more appealling to attendees. Smaller, interactive groups means people have more chance to chat to strangers and ask questions. Delegates do not want to sit in large plenary sessions and live through death by power point, its just not engaging. Getting hands on can also create more memories and take aways for people, even if it is a good conversation or giggle they had with a senior manager.

Happy Planning


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