5 reasons to use a bar or restaurant for your next meeting.

There are so many more places that can accommodate seminars and meetings than you think.

Believe it or not bars and restaurants can be great spaces to hold a seminar or meeting. It always annoys me when people don’t think outside the box and head straight to the first hotel they find. When you look around your local area you will find lots of hidden gems that you fail to see every day as you walk by. These alternative venues can add a different flavour to your event and you are also supporting local businesses who may in turn help and support you.

Here are my top 5 reasons for using these alternative venues.

#1 They can help attract a wider audience

Using a different style of venue can attract a wider audience to your event, even if it is just people wanting to sample the food or see the venue without the usual crowds. Hundreds of events run every day and by using somewhere unusual, not the same hotel or office boardrooms it will help you stand out from the crowd.

#2 Gives an event a more modern feel

Alternative venues can add a more modern twist to your event, something that millennial’s love. The thought of spending your morning in a stuffy office boardroom is definitely less impressive than a favorite bar or restaurant especially if you are someone who isn’t usually an office based worker.

#3 More central locations

If you want to have to have your event in a prime position in business districts to make it easy for people to get to before or after work then you have to think outside the box. Most professionals have busy lives and any event that allows them to pop along to which is close to their office will be much more attractive. There are more smaller venues in these crowded areas than hotels so it opens up so much more choice for an events planner.

#4 Great food

Food offerings are often much better at alternative venues as this is what they do for a day job. Meetings and events are a side offering for these venues and they need to impress clients in the hope that they will return regularly with their family or friends.

#5 Better prices and availability

Another attraction for using alternative venues is they are generally slower during week days you can also get some great deals on venue hire and food costs.

Read our review of One Fine Day, Liverpool to see how we rated it as an event venue.

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