How to insert YouTube video’s into PowerPoint


I was recently asked to place some YouTube videos into a PowerPoint presentation for an event. I am very capable of embedding a video but YouTube links drive me nuts. I have always used the embed code not the link etc. and still find it never works properly and if the internet is rubbish at the venue then give up and go home.

Well I have discovered the secret, see what happens when you are very nice to the boys and girl in the IT department, and I am going to share it and save everyone from going through the pain again.

As you cannot embed videos from directly from YouTube into PowerPoint, you will need to download the videos on to your computer. The simple way to do this is using online video converter and this is how.

Use Google Chrome as your internet browser.

Step 1

Go to YouTube, find the video you want and copy the URL.


Step 2

Go to and paste in the url for your video and select MP4 from the drop down menu


Step 3

Click the start button and it will begin to retrieve your video

Step 4

The screen below will then appear and you simple click on the download button and it will begin the download you requested.

Step 5

Save the video to your chosen computer file

Step 6

Open up your PowerPoint presentation and select the video icon located in the middle of a slide

Step 7

Select from a file when the box pops up and then select your video from the file you saved it in

Step 8

Tah Dah a completely embedded YouTube video in your presentation.

A very easy process that will take the stress out of using videos in presentations.

Happy Planning

The Faulty Planner

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