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When you think of airport hotels, you wouldn’t be wrong to think of an average 3 star hotel,  designed to cater for travellers needing a place to lay their heads before or after a flight.

Well that is the airport hotel of yesteryear. With the increase in companies now working on a global scale, suddenly airport based hotels become a much more lucrative option. With senior executives now having to jet all over the world for meetings and event, this is where an airport location for your meeting can become more attractive to for them to attend. Delegates can fly in directly, dont have to travel on wards, attend the event and then fly back out again. Staying at the airport opens up more flight opportunities and they dont have to worry about transfers. This is also a cost saving for you, airport transfers can definitely put an unnecessary dent in your budget.

So if you want an excellent airport venue for you next event in the UK outside of London, The Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport is one to consider. It is the chains flagship hotel in the UK, so continually receives upgrades which is evident throughout the venue.

Situated in the middle of Manchester airport, the venue can be accessed from all the terminals with your guest not having to take one step outside, but by making their way through the enclosed sky walkways they can be at the hotel entrance in 10 mins from leaving the arrivals hall.

The hotel has 27 meeting rooms which can accommodate between 8 – 400 people, providing you with adequate space whatever your event.

Level 1 Floor plan

The addition of the large open lobby area on the ground floor next to the Manchester Suite, the hotels largest meeting room, is perfect for exhibition space. I recently saw a well known car manufacturer launch a new range in this space.  It always amuses me watching crews push cars into venues as you cannot have a running vehicle due to health and safety regulations. Anyway it is also a great space for a drinks reception prior to a gala dinner or for evening entertainment activities.  As the space is on the ground floor, you do not have a large flow of regular hotel traffic moving through the space


               Manchester Suite                                                                            Exhibition Area / Foyer

As well as the traditional conference room offerings, my favourite thing about this hotel is the brain box room. A new mutlifunctional room which is great for brain storming, strategy meetings and break out sessions. The area is open, dynamic and functional. Large white boards provide space for ideas to written up quickly and the modular seating allows for people to move around the room easily but also swing around in their chair to have full a full 360 view of the room.


The food offering at this venue are excellent, the options are fresh and high quality and with the cleverly placed buffet areas you always seem to have a private lunch area for your guests. You can select what you would like from a hot selection, to a salad bar with cold cuts. The venue also offers unlimited tea and coffee throughout your meeting, which is great as you are not having to chase staff to ensure refreshments are available during your designated breaks.

Another great addition to the hotel is the Executive floor. This is  great for VIPs or senior execs as the private lounge allows them a space to work should they require it away from other delegates.


Staff are attentive and helpful at the hotel and the private conference reception meant that it was always easy to find someone to help you.

The Faulty Planner gives this venue a 4.5/5 rating. A good hotel with a variety of spaces and rooms. The only downside to this venue is you are limited if you are at a meeting longer than 2 days to find a change of scenery. You would have to transport your delegates to a nearby village for a different dining experience, but hey you cant have everything!


Happy Planning


The Faulty Planner

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