Top 10 tips for planning events


#1 Planning makes perfect

  • Plot key dates and milestones
  • Plan out how your budget will be assigned?
  • Who will be invited?
  • How you will market the event?
  • Set some smart objectives allowing you to measure the success of your event.

#2 Regular updates

  • Keeping the team up to date stops people getting stressed in the run up to the event.
  • If everyone is on the same page they will be more invested in the event
  • Have a planning document available for everyone to see the event progress

#3 Negotiate

  • Never take the first price you are given.
  • Suppliers want your business and if they see you as a future prospect of more events they will come down in price.
  • No matter what they say there is always room for movement.
  • Negotiate a room rate with hotels. Many will offer a corporate rate based on usage over a period of time.

#4 Build a good network

  • Having a good network of contacts is invaluable when planning events
  • You can get better prices and last-minute help if needed.
  • You can get recommendations when your usual suppliers are not available.
  • You get a more reliable service as suppliers will want to keep their good reputation in your network.

#5 Do site visits

  • There is no alternative to not visiting the venue before your event.
  • Viewing pictures on their website is not the same
  • You can get a feel for the venue and can plan out your space.
  • You can build a better relationship with the venues event manager and which makes the planning much more simple

#6 Room capacities are a guide

  • Room capacities are only a guide based on fire regulations with nothing else in the room, so you need to consider what else there will be.
  • If you are using back projection you will loose at least 30- 40 spaces.
  • Are you are planning to have any exhibition stands in the room?
  • Will the catering be in the room?

#7 Be flexible

  • In business things can change very fast and this can then impact on your event.
  • Changes will happen so you need to be calm and flexible to deal with the issues when they arise

#8 Use cloud based Event management platforms

  • Reduce the risk of anyone being missed through lost emails
  • Using online systems means it is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that they register themselves for the event.
  • As a planner, you have access anywhere to all your attendee data

#9 Always get feedback

  • No event is perfect and the best way to improve is to get feedback from your attendees.
  • Feedback can help if you are planning to grow an event and attract new sponsors
  • It can help you to tailor a new event for the next

#10 Smile and Deliver

  • No matter what happens you always need to wear a smile
  • Clients never need to see if there is a problem and if they do it is being dealt with
  • Aim to exceed expectations


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