When in Rome!

What better a city could you be asked to organise an event in but Rome. Steeped in history with beautiful architecture, amazing food and fashion icons!

With so much to see and do, you are under pressure to give your delegates the best bits of it in the limited time you have.

All I wanted to do was go to see the Colosseum as soon as I touched down in Rome!  I had visions in my head of scantily clad men running around with swords all looking a bit like Russell Crowe. Although that is not the reality, it is still a very awesome place to visit and I am sure your delegates will not be disappointed by a visit to this iconic landmark!

To help you navigate this wonderful location I thought I would share my experience and give you some top tips for “When in Rome”.

Private Events

There is certainly no shortage of amazing places in which you can wow you guests at a private event. Villas are a great starting point if you have numbers of 100 plus and you want to have an exclusive space for your delegates to meet dine and enjoy the splendor of Italy.

My personal favorite is the Villa Aurelia. surrounded by beautiful gardens it provides ample indoor as well as outdoor spaces. Set on top of the Janiculum Hill, it has some beautiful vies over the city and its hidden entrance makes it a very special place to arrive at in the evening when it is all lit up.

Only downside is your guests will have to walk up a stone path from the entrance to the house, so just be mindful if you have disabled guests that you need to cater for.

It is reasonably priced too, which makes it very attractive as an exclusive venue to hire.

Another villa you may also want to consider is Villa Miani.  One of the most sought after locations for private parties as well as large events. The lush green lawn of the beautiful property, covering many acres, does honors to the house. It is the place for Italian high society to get married.


Now if a villa isn’t your thing and you want something a bit more modern then La Lanterna is a good option.

A glass structure that, starting at sunset, begins to light up like a large Lantern, hence the name! It is new location in the heart of Rome that puts the austere and classic lines of yesteryear in harmony with the futuristic and modern ones of today. It’s quite surreal standing on the rooftop terrace of a ultra-modern building looking across the rooftops at old Roman building. It is certainly a case of when new meets old.


Alternative venues in the centre of Rome worth considering for larger private events are

Bar del Fico Ristorante

Open Colonna



Now if you are wanting a restaurant for a smaller group to dine in then you have come to the right place. There is no shortage of good restaurants in Rome, but my main advice is to delve a bit deeper than heading straight for the Piazzas. I personally found the restaurants there to be OK, food was average and majorly overpriced. You are paying for the location here I feel than the food.

Now if you are willing to look beyond the obvious and venture down a back alley to sample some truly authentic food then these are my recommendations.

That’s’s Amore is perhaps not the most glamorous restaurant in Rome but it served me probably the best pasta I have ever had in my life!!!! It’s a small restaurant near to the Trevi Fountain which offers a menu of the most simple and authentic cuisine. The staff are wonderful and friendly and the food does not disappoint.  Due to the size of the restaurant I would recommend booking in advance to ensure you get a table. Apparently, it is Woody Allen’s favorite restaurant in Rome so you may even see a celebrity or two whilst you are there.


Vineria Il Chianti is another gem near to the Trevi Fountain. The food was sublime and the cured meats were a real treat. Topped with an excellent selection of wines this is an atmospheric restaurant with bags of warmth and charm. Highly recommend it! It has a large private dining area downstairs that could easily cater for 30 – 40 guests.


A few other suggestions for dinner would be

Trattoria Settimio all’ Arancio


Angelina a Testaccio


Top Tip

Rome has some crazy traffic laws!!!!!!

You can drive in Italy with a UK driving licence, insurance and vehicle documents. If you are driving a vehicle that does not belong to you then written permission from the registered owner may be required. On-the-spot fines can be issued for minor traffic offences.

Private and hire cars are not allowed to enter the historic centre of many Italian cities without an official pass. If your hotel is in the centre of one of these cities, you can buy a pass from most car hire companies. The boundaries of historic centres are usually marked with the letters ZTL in black on a yellow background. Don’t pass this sign as your registration number is likely to be caught on camera and you will be fined.

To reduce pollution, the city authorities in Rome sometimes introduce traffic restrictions on specific days whereby vehicles with odd or even number plates are not allowed on the roads in the ‘fascia verde’ area (covering most of Rome). For further information, including exceptions, see the Rome Municipality website.

The main problem you may face is if you are trying to get a 7.5tonne lorry into the city to unload you events equipment. I had this very problem myself. Trucks over 7.5 tonnes are not allowed on Italian roads (including motorways) on Sundays from 7:00 am until midnight, local time. These restrictions don’t apply to trucks that have already been granted an exception (eg those carrying perishable goods and petrol supplies). But can be a nightmare if you must set up for an exhibition on a tight timeline.

Our delivery company ended up having to hire a sprinter van, park outside Rome and shuttle the stuff to the venue.  It was an oversight which cost both time and money for everyone involved. You have been warned.

Aside from the crazy traffic laws Rome is a dream city to hold an event. You cannot fail to wow your guests with it charm and best ice cream in the world.

The Faulty Planner xxx

The Faulty Planner

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