How to use MS Word to create name badges

1st February 2018 Planning 1

Recently i was creating some name badges for an event. As usual was creating my name badges in MS Word (old school i know) but as i don’t have access currently to a mac with handy design tools on it, this works for me. The strangest thing about the whole thing was that my colleague… Read more

Planning an event in Brazil is no carnival!

17th January 2018 Cities Planning 0

  Planning an event in Rio de Janerio was a task of a differing level to any other have I faced in the past! When I was first told I would be going to Rio, I was excited. All day I was humming the now irritating song “At the Copa- Copacabana” by Barry Manalow. Rio… Read more

Top 10 tips for planning events

14th December 2017 Planning 0

  #1 Planning makes perfect Plot key dates and milestones Plan out how your budget will be assigned? Who will be invited? How you will market the event? Set some smart objectives allowing you to measure the success of your event. #2 Regular updates Keeping the team up to date stops people getting stressed in… Read more

Are virtual events the answer to engaging a global workforce on a budget?

4th December 2017 Planning 1

  As organisations become more global and workers more remote, the costs of bringing them all together is increasing. With budgets being squeezed more and more each year how do you tackle this problem, bringing people together for a fraction money. The answer could be introducing virtual events to your portfolio. The concept has been… Read more

The Idiots guide to Event Risk Assessments

3rd August 2017 Planning 5

If you are anything like me the phrase Risk Assessment fills your heart with dread. OMG seriously planning for things that may never happen, working out how bad the injuries could be from these unlikely accidents and what you can put in place to make sure they are very unlikely to happen!! Well I have… Read more